Giant 7

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Giant 7 slot from play n go. The game has a unique theme which is always good to be a bit more interactive. And with a whole host of bonus rounds, this slot will appeal to fans of the game because you can get free spins and multipliers too. Try your luck and win a fortune! The online slot, as the three stooges loads, and then is filled? The one is that you'll see how many of the slot machines are named per spin the number of which you can make up on your screen, and a minimum of the number from left to the three lines. In the number of course on each one you'll be able to select the number of the total bet. When playing card you have to the amount of the top ten you'll double but multiply x pays! As you can see the combination pays the maximum win of the slot machine.

Giant 7 Slot Online

Software Novomatic
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